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April 21, 2019

Career Portfolios

A career portfolio is a collection of evidence or artifacts that reflects a student’s interests, abilities, personality, accomplishments and learning.

The students of St. Mary High School begin creating a career portfolio in Grade 9. The career portfolio is also incorporated in Christian Ethics classes during Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12.

As a collection of information, a career portfolio is an excellent organizational tool to be used during the following:

  • the career planning process
  • completion of scholarships applications
  • interviews (jobs, entrance interviews to colleges or universities) using a showcase career portfolio

Portfolio Artifacts

Types of artifacts, tangible items that provide evidence, to collect for the career portfolio are as follows:

  • photographs (events, hobbies, special projects, trophies . . .)
  • newspaper clippings
  • certificates, medals, badges
  • report cards/progress reports
  • samples of school work  (writing, reports, . . .)
  • speeches
  • travel brochures
  • video or audio tapes of performances
  • Thank You cards, letters

A career portfolio should eventually become your brag book:

“If you done it, it ain’t bragging.” ~ Walt Whitman

 Building a Career Portfolio

To build a career portfolio, you need to create the following and assemble them into a binder:

1) a cover page and binder spine that contain your first and last name

2) a table of contents

3) divider pages

4) a reflection sheet about each artifact including the background story, and how the artifact is evidence of an Employability Skill and Blueprint for Life/Work Designs competency

* Please visit the SMHS library if you need a binder, plastic page protectors, or assistance with color printing, color photocopying, scanning, and digital photography.

Planning and Evaluation Documents:

Planning Your Portfolio

Career Portfolio Artifact Sample

Career Portfolio Evaluation

Career Development 9 Parents Letter


Portfolio Content Documents:

Table of Contents

Abilities, Interests and Temperaments

Training and Education

Leisure, Hobbies and Extra-Curricular

Job and Volunteer Work

Employability: Fundamental Skills

Employability: Personal Management Skills

Employability: Teamwork Skills

Goals and Dreams

Career Portfolio Reflection Sheet

Employability Skills 2000

Blueprint for Life/Work Designs Matrix

Connecting to the 21st Century

Workability Attitudes: Dependability

Workability Attitudes: Integrity & Honesty

Workability Attitudes: Positive Attitude 


Useful Artifacts to Continually Update:

Goal Plan: St Mary High School

Major and Minor Sports Awards

Behavioral Anecdotes 


Additional Information:

Career & Life Portfolio Development

A Self-Managed Career Portfolio Guide  

Electronic Personal Career Portfolios  

Best Practice Portfolios