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June 19, 2024

How Do I Apply?

  •  To keep your options open, it is always a good idea to apply to at least two or three schools or programs.
  • Apply early to secure early conditional admission and to take advantage of scholarships. 


  • Review the admission requirements to ensure you have all of the required classes for the programs for which you want to apply. 
  • It is also beneficial to investigate the admission averages that are required to gain admission to a program.
  • Depending on the program and institution, your choice of the application process may vary and additional information may be required, such as an interview, aptitude test or portfolio.


Programs and Requirements

University of Regina


Early Conditional Admission

University of Saskatchewan

Admission Requirements and Admission Averages

2) Beware of DEADLINE DATES 


a) Guidance Counsellor

Your guidance counsellor will have application forms for a variety of schools or will be able to assist with the on-line application process.

b) Post-Secondary Institute Representatives

Many Saskatchewan post-secondary schools have application forms available at career fairs and will actually host application workshops for grade 12 students. 

c) On-line Application

    • To complete an application on-line, you will need your Saskatchewan student number and a credit card.
    • Pay attention to all of the sections and fill them in correctly. 
    • Note that you may choose to enrol through a federated college.

What is a federated college?

The University of Regina is home to three federated colleges – Campion College, Luther College and the First Nation University of Canada. These offer a smaller student community within the larger University setting. All three federated colleges are located on the main campus but are financially and administratively independent of the U of R. Students who register through a federated college may choose courses offered by their college, as well as by the University. Upon completion of their studies, students receive their degrees from the U of R.

STM is the only federated college at the University of Saskatchewan; hence, it is administratively and financially autonomous from the University—that is, it receives its own provincial grants and is accountable to the Provincial Government—but it is academically integrated within the University.


  • Some schools will allow students to self-report their own marks; however, it is important to remember that if you want to be considered for guaranteed or entrance scholarships, you will need a school-certified transcript to send in.
  • Ensure that you have any mid-term marks and your second semester classes listed on the transcript so that the educational institution knows that you will be meeting all of the requirements to graduate.
  •  This transcript or your self-reported marks will help you get conditionally accepted.  You will not be officially accepted until you arrange, in June, to have your official transcript from Saskatchewan Learning sent to all of the schools to which you have you applied.    


Application fees vary from $35 to $100.  Be prepared to pay, sooner than later, so your application can be processed. 

 6) After your Application is SENT

  • Depending on the institute, you will be notified, by either email or mail, of your early conditional acceptance or denial.   
  • If you are conditionally accepted, you will need to maintain your marks.
  • To be offically accepted, it will be YOUR responsibility to ensure a final transcript is sent from Saskatchewan Learning to the institution to secure your spot.


To request your transcript, contact Student Services with the Ministry of Education. A fee is charged. 


  • Most universities and colleges have limited student housing.  It is in the student’s best interest to apply for residence at the same time as admission to secure a spot. 
  • Most residence applications require a small fee to complete the process.