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April 19, 2024

Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program

St. Mary High School offers the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program. 

Visit the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program website for more information about the program and the designated trades that are applicable.

The following information is taken from the SYA Brochure

What is the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program?

  • Raises awareness of apprenticeship in Saskatchewan schools by helping young people discover what rewards come with working in the skilled trades.
  • Enhances career development by exploring the world of opportunities skilled trades offer Saskatchewan youth.


  • Introduce apprenticeship and the trade certification process
  • Create awareness of apprenticeship programs and opportunities
  • Make connections between high school programs and skilled trades training

Entry Requirements:

  • At least 15 years of age
  • Meet one of the following criteria:
    • Experience with part-time or seasonal employment; registered in a trade-related Practical and Applied Art (PAA) course; registered in a trade-related locally developed course; registered in Career and Work Exploration 10,20 or 30; or registered in a PAA survey course with a least one third trade-related content


  • Get a head start in career planning
  • Record achievements for resumes and career portfolios
  • Possibility to win one of 40 scholarships worth $1000 (if you enter into apprenticeship within a certain time period) if it is your schools rotation.
  • Youth registering as an apprentice in a designated trade within three years receive:
    • waiver of registration fee ;
    • waiver of first level of technical training tuition
    • 300 hours of trade time credit – complete all levels
    • Many of these assignments can be incorporated into CWEX classes.