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  • "Be ready when opportunity comes. . . Luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet." ~ Roy Chapin

  • "Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune." ?~ Jim Rohn

    "The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change." ~ Carl Rogers

    "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." ~ e.e. cummings

May 21, 2024



Based on your self assessment, you have identified areas of interest.  It is in those areas that you might find rewarding and motivating employment.  However, when it comes to finding and securing employment there are things to consider to improve your odds.

Why do people work? 

  1. Economic reasons – It enables individuals to pay for food, clothing  and shelter among other things
  2. Social interaction – It is an opportunity to network, meet new people and gain a sense of belonging and acceptance.
  3. Self-respect – Take pride in your work, abilities and accomplishments.
  4. Work Satisfaction – Love what you do so you never have to work a day in your life; enjoying what you do will also have a positive impact in other  areas of your life.
  5. Being part of a team – It allows you to work with others towards a common goal
  6. Feeling useful, being active– Working keeps you active which is important for your well being and happiness and helps you become useful and contributing members of the community.

However, it is important to know what type of economy and world you are entering into.  You really need to think carefully about whether or not your occupation or job can be automated or outsourced.  The world around us is looking for creative and more self-managed individuals.  Check out this great video show how our society has changed.

Did you know?  3.0 – 2009 Edition



Know who you are and your strengths

You do not want to end up with a job where your values and beliefs are being compromised.  Stay true to yourself and your goals.  It is important to try and use your skills and abilities to gain new experiences so you can learn and grow as a person.

Continue to work on building your toolkit of skills, strengths, abilities and knowledge.  The more well-rounded, skilled and knowledgeable you become, the more marketable you are. Challenge yourself to take on leadership roles, new tasks and to continually look at obstacles as challenges.  It is all about ATTITUDE! You need to be willing to grow as a person in all aspects (physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual).

Know what employers are looking for

Eight Keys to Employability provided by Service Canada in their Looking for a Job publication will help you build your resume and to prepare for the application and interview process.  Talk is cheap, so prepare in advance and plan to showcase yourself in these areas.

Personal Values
Problem-Solving and decision –making skills
Ability to relate to other people
Communication skills
Task-related skills
Health and Safety habit
Commitment to the job

Skills employers want you to have can be found at the links below.

Conference Board of Canada Employability Skills 2000+, visit http://www.conferenceboard.ca/Libraries/EDUC_PUBLIC/esp2000.sflb
Blueprint for life/work design competencies, visit
Why peole fail at the job?  (pdf if possible)


Plan your career – What is out there?

Make sure you have a social security number.  If not, go to http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca or go to your nearest Service Canada Centre.

Consider the jobs that are available to you.  If you are looking for your very first job or other types of jobs while in high school, you are more than likely to find employment in one of the following five areas.

Hospitality – hotel, restaurant, tourism centre, etc.
Office work – receptionist, filer, work processing clerk.
Labour – city worker, seasonal work, landscaping, construction.
Retail – grocery clerk, department store, cashier, office supplies, stocking shelves.
Recreation – camp counselor, lifeguard, water instructor, babysitter.

Learn about the job, what areas are the economy are expanding, and what companies are hiring.

Go to www.labourmarketinformation.ca, if you will be able to learn about job description, local companies, market trends, etc.

Saskatchewan labour market information can be located at the sasknetwork.ca site – http://www.sasknetwork.gov.sk.ca/html/Home/lmi/lmi.htm

It is also important to talk to friends and family to network and find out more about employers, positions and job duties.

If you do have a specific career plan in mind, it would be beneficial to obtain volunteer or paid work in that field.


Marketing Yourself

Prepare a marketing strategy and learn the tools of the trade to prepare yourself to secure an interview and then the position!  There is lots of information on the internet about resumes and cover letters.  The links below are some of the best ones.  More local information will be posted in this section soon.

Sasknetwork: Job Seekers section – Information on resumes, cover letter, portfolios, networking and much more.
Career Guidance site  (Shaunavon and Gull Lake School Division)
Resume Section
Cover Letter Section
Sample Resumes and Cover Letters
Interview Skills
Why people fail at the job


Job Search

Only approximately 20% of all jobs are advertised publically. Not only will networking assist you in learning what type of jobs you may want to apply for, but it can also help you land a job. 

Ways to access the hidden job market can be located from the Service Canada Job Bank site, http://www.jobsetc.gc.ca/pieces.jsp?category_id=298&lang=e.

How to search for work and what causes job vacancies to occur?(link)

Where to look for jobs and who can help you?

Job posting bulletin boards (school, SIAST, community centers, on-line)
Classified ads
College/university campuses
Can-Sask Employment Centres
Yellow Pages
Summer Employment Offices – Service Canada
Organizations that need volunteers
Contact employers directly (cold calls)
Networking (use the people you know to find potential job opportunities)

Sites that will assist you in your job hunt.

Saskjobs.ca – electronic listing of jobs all across Saskatchewan
Job Bank – Service Canada –  electronic listing of jobs all across Canada
AlbertaFirst Job Resources – a list of government and general employment links
Federal Student Work Experience Program – summer employment opportunities, and internships
Saskatchewan Public Service Commission – The Career Centre and Summer job opportunities 
Workopolis.com – Jobs listed by sector, including IT, engineering, education, finance, sales and many more
Monster.ca – Search for jobs based on province and region
Jobboom.com – offers thousands of jobs every day along with employment and career news
Local Job Shop. ca – Western Canada’s only local employment website
ReginaJobShop.ca – a site used for job seekers and employers to connect



 More information is coming soon. In the mean time, click here for some useful links from the Entrepreneurship section.


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