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April 19, 2024

Travel & Exchange Programs

Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP)

This is a program of the Canadian Federation of Students which is administered through the Federation’s travel company, Travel CUTS/Voyages Campus.  Each year, they assist 2,000 young people to work and travel in countries around the world.

Registration with SWAP includes:

–       legal documentation required to work abroad

–       income tax exemption or partial refund status for most programs

–       an acceptance package including visa applications, step-by-step instructions, and travel tips

–       and much  more


Rotary Short and Long Term Exchange

The rotary exchanges have a great reputation and a long history in providing meaningful and educational exchanges for students.  They offer two programs.  The first program is a three to four week reciprocal exchange and the second program is a full academic year exchange to a variety of countries.  For more information, talk to your guidance/career counselor and/or contact your local rotary club.

 4 – H Youth Exchange

“The 4-H Youth Exchanges Canada program is a reciprocal exchange visit between groups across Canada. Groups may consist of 4-H and non 4-H members and screened chaperones.”

Canada Sports Friendship Program

“The Canada Sports Friendship Exchange Programs organizes reciprocal cultural exchanges, involving Francophone and Anglophone youth across Canada. The aims and goals are to promote friendship, respect and better understanding of each other’s language and culture. These exchanges are open to all youth from sports and non-sports groups between the ages of 12 and 17 years of age.”

 SEVEC: Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges in Canada

Canada is a cultural mosaic, rich in regional diversity. By exploring another community, youth from the ages of 12 – 17, have the opportunity to learn a second language, develop cultural awareness, break down social barriers and develop leadership skills. For 75 years, SEVEC has been providing Canadian youth with an opportunity to learn about their country outside the classroom through Youth Exchanges Canada.  This enriching educational exchange program enhances learning and provides participants with an experience that lasts a lifetime. Travel is free! Costs are funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Summer Work Student Exchange

“The Summer Work Student Exchange program is a summer work program that runs for six weeks (from late June to mid-August) and is aimed at students 16 and 17 years of age. The program finds jobs for participants in communities in another province. Communities are paired so that students work in their second official language. During their stay in the host community, each student lives with the family of the student with whom they have been paired. Coordinators (postsecondary students) supervise the students participating in the program, and run a program of activities.”